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Fasoli Gino

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NATURAL FARMING: Following the core principles of biodynamic, we work to integrate as much as possible our vineyards in the natural environment that surrounds us. We preserve and promote biodiversity, keeping vast areas of woods all around our vineyards, raising animals and integrating other crops.

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Whether you are looking to become a member of our International Wine Club or to just shop around for yourself or a gift … Beekman Wine Club has something to please every palate.

When we started Beekman Wine Club, we set out to become the premiere online destination that connects our users and subscribers with the actual vineyards. That meant we needed to be much more than a subscription based wine delivery service or online wine shop. To uniquely set ourselves apart, we connect our clients with the people behind the wines by offering a chance to communicate with our team of wine experts, access to member’s winemaker events and travel opportunities to visit our participating wineries. Not only are our offerings hand selected by our team of Sommeliers but they are chosen from family owned farms opposed to commercial wineries.

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